Saturday, January 16, 2010

butha buthe here i come

Hey folks! I know it has been quite some time since my last post. I am currently sitting in my rondevel which is a round house with a thatched roof that i will call home for the next two years writing this message out on my phone. Now that i am a bit more organized i can take a breath and recount the last few weeks. To end our community stay we were thrown a feast and i got to give a speech in sesotho. That was difficult because my language level is quite low. There was a lot of food and singing and dancing. It was sad leaving the village that had treated us so well. We spent the next few weeks at the training center where we had a few sessions but mostly we hung out. There was a delicious christmas dinner prepared by us. There was not that much to do since many people were not working due to the holidays. The highlights of the weeks at the training center were playing volleyball, exchanging music, walking around town, dance parties, yoga, and just getting to know many of my fellow education volunteers. We also had to pass a language test. Everyone passed! After this test i was chosen to give a speech in english at our swearing in ceremony. Much of my time was spent writing that speech. And although i sort of copied my speech from phil and michelle's wedding this summer i think it still went well. At least it was in english and not sesotho (i pity my friend kimiko who had that duty). The ceremony was very nice and it feels good to officially be a volunteer! I have been at my site for a week now and have been talking to as many people as i can. I live with a host ntate which means father. School starts monday and i will teach three maths (yes there is an s on the end as they call it maths here) and one science class. I think my classes will be around fifty students per class. That is all that i can think to say at this point about what has happened. I am eager to start teaching finally. Also i have a new address! It is adam santos pcv, qholaqhoe high school, po box 30, butha buthe 400, lesotho, southern africa. Also i was told that if you are to send a package to be vague on the customs form. Write books or education supplies on it and it will have less of a chance of getting broken into. Though most things seem to have made it ok so far. I love getting newspaper clippings, magazines, and chocolate candy hint hint. Also pictures to hang on my wall are amazing. Thanks to all that i have received so far. Up to this point i am really enjoying myself. There have been some happy times and sad times though i feel my overall experience has been a positive one. I have grown and matured immensely and i hope i can make an impact on the people of my town like i have already been impacted. That being said i do miss friends and family very much. I am thinking of you often. Thanks for all of your love and support. Until next time. Adam

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